Friday, February 1, 2013

Blazing Transfer Student Vols 1-3

Kazu after an allnighter.

Well Guys I am proud to say heres, BLAZING TRANSFER STUDENT vol 1-3. You guys obviously wern't expecting this heck I wasn't either. I been wanting to do a big Shimamoto manga for a really long time  its been a dream of mine. I had really wanted to do some of his burning pen series but wasn't able to get anything interested. This project really wouldn't have happen without SystematicChaos and Wright, two of my best buddys for helping me in this adventure. I had orginally had just wanted to continue the project from where Bite me left off but Chaos wanted to redo the whole translation and I was fine with it cause this was a series that is worth the effort. BTS is one of  the main reasons I even got into the scaning bussiness  so you can thank alot of my work around here to this series. The works of Kazuhiko Shimamoto will forever be some of my favorite;s one of the reasons I even choose Kazuhiko as my screenname. I know Bite me started this and still intends to do it thats all fine and dandy, but I am not taking this project from them I am just doing my own version of it cause I love it so much.  I even started out editing for Bite me  in hopes of doing this series but it never came about. Really I can never put the right words for what I want to say with moments like this I think the work says it all so heres V1V2, V3.  Also fun story about yesterday since I got snowed in and such, I found it to be the perfect time to edit the last half of vol 3 and as I was nearing completion got a call from my grandma that her power went out, so me and my brothers drove out to her home worked in the storm to make sure she had power during this awful storm, we accomplished this and she proceed to make us Cookies and Pies and such for a good job. I then went to editing vol 3 but had gotten so tired and drowzy from the job and the pie that it was like I was a manga writer trying to finish his deadline before collapsing from overwork hence the picture above. It took some serious motivation to finish without collapsing in my chair last night but damn do I love Shimamoto manga haha. We'll be sure to get a steady stream of BTS in the coming future as I got translations of it up the Washizu. Well thats enough of me go enjoy all this BTS.

Also don't forget to visit Hokuto no Gun  and were always looking out for more editors esspecailly Redrawers and for our subbing department timmers editors and translators.

Edit: chapter 23 was missing a bubble I fixed and the link is now updated.


  1. I would love to see the Moeyo Pen series fully translated!

    Thanks for the release.

  2. I can't imagine what you've been through (and i don't want to honestly) but thank you for the efforts :)