Thursday, January 31, 2013

The way of Ryu, chapter 7

And our heroes set off into the unknown...Ryu is sure they'll find something, but who can say what they'll come across?

Incidentally, let's give an enormous thanks to Mr. Frobman who drew a truly unbelievable credits page for us.

Robot Keiji should be soon. FKMTKrazy has told us he's on it.

Fantasy World Jun? Trying to get it translated, so hang tight.

Jack volume 3 is being typeset. you're gonna love Arles's work there as ever.

so hang tight and remember we're looking for translators and editors here! and if you can spare a few dollars so we can pick up some needed raws from Japan soon, that'd be very appreciated. We plan to be helping to finish the abandon Space Pirate Captain harlock if we can get the raws there.

Here's Ryu chapter 7


  1. I have to thank you for scanalating the way of ryu. Its an interesting manga, reminds me of cage of eden without the crap ton of ecchi. Please don't drop this :)

  2. Thank you very much for back to back releases

  3. Wow, already? Now we're talking!
    This manga is amazing!

  4. Thank AAA for this. The next chapter is 50 pages though, so it may take a bit more time

  5. >Fantasy World Jun

    Am I supposed to take this as an answer to my email or as one big (quite hilarious) coincidence?

  6. My apologies, don't think I got the email?