Tuesday, January 29, 2013

[HnG-Happy] Shin Seikiden Mars 01

Here’s episode 1 of Shin Seikiden Mars


Gentlemen Mars has awakened and hes after our Lucky Charms!!

Well everyone it has finally happened Mars has returned to Happy scans once more. Whats this, its not a new manga about Mars but an Anime. Just checked with the crew this is not wrong meaning today marks our first release here at Happy of an anime and one based of a classic Yokoyama no less!! Just hope he isn't here to destroy us...

People to thank for this are our usual partners at Hokuto no gun for helping us break into the fansubbing bussiness with this. People like our old translator buddy SystematicChaos for his translation of this fine anime, Angel_of_Chaotix for timing this bad boy, Kataonia for his great translation check, Destoryer Ring for getting down with his editing prowess, and GonbeFan for QC on my typesetting for this!  

Other things to say are there might be a few other series you see around here some with HnG and other that could be exlusive to us. This has been a pretty great learning experience through and through learning the ropes of how subbing works and its great to share this we everyone of our faithful followers. Well I am going to shut up now, go get this anime right now other wise the Gods are going to destory Ohio for you not watching them in this anime. 

P.S. we haven't dropped anything such as Happy or Yawara stargood is working on them just give him time. also might aswell say this were always on the look out for redrawers, cleaners, typesetters, and translators. Oh and now for our Happy subs department looking out for Timmers, Translators, Editors, and Typesetters!!


  1. Oh, I expect it to be the 2 episodes OAV that came out in the 90s and not the low-budget anime with the unnecessary inclusions in the history.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qa532D_yqA - This one here. It has much better animation.

    1. Wouldn't be opposed to doing that one, it's just that the DVDs were more expensive. If you've got the DVDs, come talk to me!

    2. Actually... one of my teammates informed me that he does have the OVAs on DVD. So with that said... I think we'll save the best for last ;)

  2. Thanks. I wonder what this anime looks like.

    Why is it so "hard" to have animes hosted on filecloud and have no torrent?

    1. Just have to wait for the torrent guy to grab it and make it really it will be up soon don't worry.