Sunday, January 27, 2013

Henshin Ninja Arashi chapter 12, and volume 2 complete

Chapter 12

Volume 2, End of series

And what a wild ride it was. Hot on the heels of new Ryu, we bring an end to Shotaro Ishinomori's historical tokusatsu series Henshin Ninja Arashi!

....or is it? For those who find this ending too soul crushing, rest assured, Systematic Chaos, Kazuhiko and I will make sure the adventures continue in Henshin Ninja Arashi Gaiden so try not to despair too hard at the ending! As always, thanks to Kazuhiko and Chaos for their hard work, and you'll see their work continue on the gaiden! Look forward to it!

Ok, as people are asking as well

1. Happy is not dropped. Happy is never dropped. Stargood is working on chapter 154. He'll post news here if he thinks you need updates

2. Blade of the Immortal. Yes, guys. Of course we plan to do volume 30. It's a little hard to do it when the volume won't be out until February.  If anyone wants to volunteer for translating the chapters so it's ready to go extra earlier, as well as editing, please let me know.


  1. Thanks for all the work put into this series! And soul crishing ending... Well. Not all the stories have a happy ending. And not all must have it ;)

  2. Ow. I was sort of expecting that. It's the Sensei's philosophy that hate and violence bring nothing good, whatever the reason. I hope that Hayate can redeem himself in the next series.

  3. Great series! But it would not be better to do Shin Henshin Ninja Arashi since it's still made by Ishinomori and not Ken Ishikawa? Well, if you guys could do both, it wound be awesome!

    1. Please yourself here

  4. Shotaro Ishinomori passed away on this day 15 years ago, just three days after his 60th birthday. This is a great coincidence, thank you guys!

  5. Does this mean that yawara is dropped?

  6. Pages 97~98 from Vol. 1 have no dialogue at all.