Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Babel 2 ch 01

It has begun another yokoyama classic and one of my personal favorites of his this is Babel 2. It is a sci fi epic like no other and I hope you all stick around and tune in for each Babel 2. Thanks goes out to Kataonia for translating, SystematicChaos for the great translation check and for Wright for the cleans. Enough out of me go get yourself some Babel 2 heres the link Babel 2, 01

also always looking for more translators, redrawers, typesetters, and now Timers


  1. Thank you so much!

  2. Is this the manga used as basis for the anime? 0_0

  3. I love Babel II, but I already have read this one on the italian editions, except for Part. 4.

    But still looking forward to it and hope you guys will do Sono Na Wa 101 after that.

  4. So happy to see you guys take on another Yokoyama work!

  5. i'm so glad! i've always wanted to read this

    Thank you :)