Thursday, January 31, 2013

The way of Ryu, chapter 7

And our heroes set off into the unknown...Ryu is sure they'll find something, but who can say what they'll come across?

Incidentally, let's give an enormous thanks to Mr. Frobman who drew a truly unbelievable credits page for us.

Robot Keiji should be soon. FKMTKrazy has told us he's on it.

Fantasy World Jun? Trying to get it translated, so hang tight.

Jack volume 3 is being typeset. you're gonna love Arles's work there as ever.

so hang tight and remember we're looking for translators and editors here! and if you can spare a few dollars so we can pick up some needed raws from Japan soon, that'd be very appreciated. We plan to be helping to finish the abandon Space Pirate Captain harlock if we can get the raws there.

Here's Ryu chapter 7

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Way Of Ryu chapter 6

In this chapter, it's been a short timeskip, and Ryu is pondering just what to happen that weigh heavily on him. He comes to a decision...but can't expect what comes next.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tomorrow's Joe, Volume 11 parts 4 and 5

A double release of Joe? Say it ain't so!

and just after our first sub release, the wonderful talents of Hox and Arles make this possible. Always a joy to see more Joe.

More coming.Some surprises and some old friends.

[HnG-Happy] Shin Seikiden Mars 01

Here’s episode 1 of Shin Seikiden Mars


Gentlemen Mars has awakened and hes after our Lucky Charms!!

Well everyone it has finally happened Mars has returned to Happy scans once more. Whats this, its not a new manga about Mars but an Anime. Just checked with the crew this is not wrong meaning today marks our first release here at Happy of an anime and one based of a classic Yokoyama no less!! Just hope he isn't here to destroy us...

People to thank for this are our usual partners at Hokuto no gun for helping us break into the fansubbing bussiness with this. People like our old translator buddy SystematicChaos for his translation of this fine anime, Angel_of_Chaotix for timing this bad boy, Kataonia for his great translation check, Destoryer Ring for getting down with his editing prowess, and GonbeFan for QC on my typesetting for this!  

Other things to say are there might be a few other series you see around here some with HnG and other that could be exlusive to us. This has been a pretty great learning experience through and through learning the ropes of how subbing works and its great to share this we everyone of our faithful followers. Well I am going to shut up now, go get this anime right now other wise the Gods are going to destory Ohio for you not watching them in this anime. 

P.S. we haven't dropped anything such as Happy or Yawara stargood is working on them just give him time. also might aswell say this were always on the look out for redrawers, cleaners, typesetters, and translators. Oh and now for our Happy subs department looking out for Timmers, Translators, Editors, and Typesetters!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Henshin Ninja Arashi chapter 12, and volume 2 complete

Chapter 12

Volume 2, End of series

And what a wild ride it was. Hot on the heels of new Ryu, we bring an end to Shotaro Ishinomori's historical tokusatsu series Henshin Ninja Arashi!

....or is it? For those who find this ending too soul crushing, rest assured, Systematic Chaos, Kazuhiko and I will make sure the adventures continue in Henshin Ninja Arashi Gaiden so try not to despair too hard at the ending! As always, thanks to Kazuhiko and Chaos for their hard work, and you'll see their work continue on the gaiden! Look forward to it!

Ok, as people are asking as well

1. Happy is not dropped. Happy is never dropped. Stargood is working on chapter 154. He'll post news here if he thinks you need updates

2. Blade of the Immortal. Yes, guys. Of course we plan to do volume 30. It's a little hard to do it when the volume won't be out until February.  If anyone wants to volunteer for translating the chapters so it's ready to go extra earlier, as well as editing, please let me know.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Way of Ryu chapter 5!

Wasn't this long enough? Hopefully we can get it out more regularly now.

And geez, did you guys think we'd miss Ishinomori' 75th birthday without his best? Well, here it is and here we are! Thanks to our new translator for this one as well, and let's hope he can maintain a good pace with it. Robot Keiji is waiting on FKMTKrazy for translation, but it shall come. Kamen Rider Black Volume 3 is in the translation check phase as well, and our man Hox is back with plans to resume Alabaster in February, and the other stuff we've come to expect from him.

Expect more Grendizer, Shutendoji and Babel, plus Cobra and other new projects when our man Systematic Chaos can check those, too! Jack volume 3 is with Arles, and we're waiting on Katatonia to send more Kekko Kamen translations for us to typeset. As ever, we'd love for new translators and editors to help out!

You guys know we love Shotaro Ishinomori. We know we love Shotaro Ishinomori. The man holds possibly the world record for most pages produced by a single writer with sequential art (128,000 pages total). His art, his writing, his creativity...he was the man. In everything. We're proud to do so many of his works. Unfortunately, I have to announce we'll be discontinuing plans for Kikaider now. It's out on comixology, so follow suit and buy that and Inazuman.

But Road to ryu, Sabu and Ichi, Robot Keiji and all those other great Ishinomori works? HappyScans is gonna get those done.

But while we're at it, since this is a special day for Shotaro, let's give you some announcements....

First of all, we will be helping the Midnight Crew with Kamen Rider Spirits after Kamen Rider Black!  The third manga of the seminal Rider franchise!

And next...we will be doing Ishinomori's GORANGER! The first Super sentai manga from Ishinomori and the template for the whole series. We have the raws, it's just a matter of scanning, translating and scanlating later, so you can look forward to that!

But besides that, let's hear from our fans. Any other Shotaro works that need more love, guys? What would you like to see us pick up by him?
EDIT: Just a page missing from last release. Corrected!

Way of Ryu, chapter 5

Date Masamune chapter 38

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sabu and Ichi chapter 24

Time for another fun filled adventure!

Shin Violence Jack Volume 2, part 2 (end)

And let's bring this to a close, to celebrate the new year anew, complete with the cover page right at front (and frankly, I think it's the best one we've seen from any Jack series as of yet).

Questions ill be answered, but the answers only bring more questions. Will Go Nagai continue? Only time will tell, but we hope so. There's a lot of mystery left, and the story seems far from over.

Here it is, volume 2 and the conclusion of Shin Violence Jack!

volume 3's translation is in final checking stages, and then it goes off to our buddy Arles, btw.

I'll also note we've now begun accepting donations. We've purchased raws for scanning such as:

The New Mao Dante
Buichi Terasawa's Karasu Tengu Kabuto and Black Night Bat
 Shin Mazinger Zero
God Mazinger

And Sabu and Ichi's original anime, no less! Please consider donating some to cushion the costs, and I promise you shall not be disappointed with what's coming

And here is an updated part 1 with the covers

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Shin Violence Jack, part 1 of Volume 2

Let's kick off with the first half of Volume 2 here! The showdown with the Skull King approaches, and our heroes venture into the heart of his territory. The mysteries deepen as well. How will this end? Find out every soon in the last part.

As always, we're on the lookout for editors and translators. And due to the requests, we've now added a paypal donation button. All donations will be going towards picking up new manga and anime!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Henshin Ninja Arashi chapter 9

to celebrate my return, another awesome chapter of Henshin Ninja Arashi! Everyone enjoy. Some announcements: my good partner Kazu has announced his subbing ambitions, and I support them to the fullest. Want tiger Mask's anime? We'll gladly do it, though we may need aid for ot.

Manga-wise, of course, we may need some help with editing and translating soon. We plan to do this new year right. Hopefully our pals at FKMT Krazy can give us more Robot Keiji soon, and Ryu should resume soon. Just waiting on Hox for Alabaster as well.

Enjoy, all!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Babel 2 ch 01

It has begun another yokoyama classic and one of my personal favorites of his this is Babel 2. It is a sci fi epic like no other and I hope you all stick around and tune in for each Babel 2. Thanks goes out to Kataonia for translating, SystematicChaos for the great translation check and for Wright for the cleans. Enough out of me go get yourself some Babel 2 heres the link Babel 2, 01

also always looking for more translators, redrawers, typesetters, and now Timers