Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, 800th Release Extravaganza!

Time for a nice amount of releases!

Now...our newest Nagai series thanks to our man Music Otaku! It's SUSANOO, AKA, Susa The King. This is a little preview of it, and an intro before the insanity begins. Here's Susanoo part 1!

Next up...well, who doesn't love more Bestia? It's the complete volume 2! And a new appearance concerning Tsukinosuke's mysterious sister that he hunts...Enjoy Bestia Chapter 11 
And the Complete volume 2!

And a new Way of Ryu, now with extra giant statute-destroying-everything action! Enjoy the new chapter
Apologies for some pages, btw...the quality of the doubles is a bit reduced for just ten pages coming up. But enjoy!

And finally...the final battle. Saki and Remi, one on one! IT's the end to the Mizuchi Sisters arc as Saki embraces what she is! Here's the next part of Sukeban Deka!

I've said before, but we still need editors! Please be patient for Shut Hell and others in the hands of Manga At the End of Time, and other things for when Kazu returns. But for now, everyone, happy New Year!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Alright, it's back! Kamen Rider volume 4, and with it, we are now 2/3s done with this series. Music is at work on the new series he's going to be doing for us and maybe a nice surprise extra....I'm also told if all goes well with dynamic Pro, there'll be something good out this coming week.

Definitely want to see more Cat's Eye soon so if there are any proofreaders,  or typesetters who can help with this series, we'd love to have you aboard now.  Also, our sub department is requesting help with timers, so if anyone wants to help or would be eager to learn, please consider hopping on board there.

In the meantime, enjoy the return of Kamen Rider Black with volume 4

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fantasy World Jun, volume 1

And we bring you the first half of an Ishinomori classic! Fantasy World Jun volume 1!

Our friend, Guren no Heyakara translated it and a10ner has done an utterly incredible job typesetting it. This is a beautiful manga, some of the most amazing art Shotaro Ishinomori has ever done. It's a manga really about storytelling, about loss, about life and about the world as a whole, one I'm told he did when coping with the loss of his sister. Hence the theme of sorrow and how it's part of life.

through his author avatar Jun, he goes through different worlds, times and explores many different things. Little I can say does this justice, so read it! We have another new series you guys'll like in the typesetting phase now, something you can thank Other Side Of Sky for, and you can bet we'll see it through!

Remember, we're looking for more typesetters and translators as well...Kazu should hopefully be back soon!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our thanks so far, and...

You guys are amazing. Thus far we've raised 60. 140 left to go.


The new Vinland is here. We can't post the proper download link for a few reasons, but please enjoy.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Donation drive: Help needed, and Shingen Takeda 6

Alright, I usually don't like to do this, but this is an emergency...Kazu's computer is absolutely shot and we need to ask you guys for help. Right now, the cost of getting a new one is 200 dollars, so we need to ask for donations here. I will post every single dollar that comes in, and Kazu has promised me that in return for this help, he will be cranking things out as fast as possible, especially Cobra.

Hundreds of people read our stuff, so if everyone could just spare a few bucks, we'd hit our goal in no time. This is a huge, huge favor, I know, but you will see it rewarded. I can assure you that you're going to see manga like Cobra and Fantasy World Jun quickly afterwards.

Thank you all very much!

Right now, it stands as 0 raised, with 200 needed

And after this heartfelt plea, enjoy Shingen Takeda 6!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spider-Man by Ikegami with Hokuto No Gun, volumes 2-5 (END)

Alright...it's been a while for this one. Mainly as Morten of GWR stabbed us in the back and never bothered to do his part in this after we translated it. And cleaned it. And bought raws he was going to scan. But never did. Gotta love honest, reliable people, huh?? Still, we make it a policy to get stuff done eventually, so here we are. Done. And dear lord, thanks to the people who stuck with this, especially a1oner who was a damned CHAMPION on this monstrosity.

Really, the idea of a Japanese adaptation of Spider Man has potential. Potential utterly wasted after a few chapters. The delusions of violent grandeur are bad enough, but our hero is an unlikable little prick who rarely solves situations when he has a rather open chance which usually results in someone else paying the price as he babbles futilely about some nonsense. Very few characters are likable, the social messages are heavy handed and some scenes are plain freaking bizarre (masturbation scene comes to mind).

and because it's Spider-Man, instead of fighting the Green Goblin, The Chameleon, the Lizard, Doctor Octopus? We get to see him fight....disgruntled Vietnam veterans and marijuana dealers. Yeah, Marijuana bizarrely becomes the tool of Satan in this manga. And the manga may contain little to no Spider-Man.

Anyways, I'm glad this is over. We really could use editors and cleaners for some series now, and translators as well. Kekko Kamen and Vagabond could use the editing help and we have some series that could use aid with cleaning. Maybe a new one or two that could require more staff and more planned projects in need of a translator.

Also, have a look at this project
It's a great new company, aiming to publish Tezuka's The crater, a book of short stories. there are only 2000 copies to sell so please lend support and we can see more great Tezuka works published by these guys. Everyone's gotta start somewhere, so let's all make it happen!

And for Spider Man...

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

And it's done.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Triple threat time! Shingen Takeda 5, Robot Keiji 6 aaaand...

It's the return of the great General, Shingen Takeda! In Chapter 5! Give our man Chaos a big hand for this great chapter!

And our robot friend is back! It's a new case for our friend Keiji in Robot Keiji Chapter 6
And now...the momeny youv'e been waiting for...

Heck, maybe we should've made this the ransom note for more Urasawa.

Happy 156
Well, it's about time this got more uplifting, wouldn't you say?

As for what we need now...editors and translators!If anyone knows Italian and Spanish, we could definitely use the help as well, as we have some series in those languages, too! Don't be shy, people! We have a need for the help and we'd love to have new friends and crew members

Saturday, May 11, 2013

500th Release Post

And...drumroll please..

This is....

The finale of Blade Of The Immortal
Made some revisions and improvements and here's Volume 30 in two parts, new and improved, so make sure you check it out!
Part 1
Part 2

Blade Of the Immortal chapter 206

Long last, it's all over...the series Hiroaki Samura did for the better part of two decades, the series that heped who knows how many people get into manga in general, the second longest running manga in English! (Ah! My Goddess is number 1 if you were wondering)

The war is over, life goes on...and now it remains to be seen what happens to Rin and Manji...and an excellent epilogue as well that gives the story very much the flavor of a continuing adventure.

It might be the last time we see Rin and Manji, but for now...we hope you've enjoyed the journey of the inhabitant of eternity...the blade of the immortal.

A huge thanks to those who made this voume possible:
Other Side of Sky for translating, even the end pages, and the freaking advertisements
Footnote for his incredible work on the double pages and typesetting
SofaKingAC for his proofing work
CrazyAnkan for taking care of all that pesky text.

Our 500th release is the end of a very special manga to me and it feels strange to never look forward to another volume. But all good things must come to an end. For now, look forward to current projects, and maybe even a new one Footnote is helping on...and can't forget Shin Mazinger Zero, which has its first volume from us in the editing works now.

We have other series to look forward to, though, so I beseech any translators or editors, cleaners or typesetters to sign on and give a hand! Work with a great crew and bring in some amazing manga!

Enjoy. It's been an honor

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Triple release part 2! Kuuki no Soko, Vagabond and Giant Robo volume 2!

first? Kuuki no Soko chapter 11: Telephone. A story about a man receiving calls...from the other side. From someone who may be already dead...

I do admire how Tezuka never plays this one for flat out horror. I have to recommend a fantastic short story that does however: Richard Matheson's Long Distance Call (which was made into an episode of the old Twilight Zone)

Next...a new Vagabond! Chapter 313 We are now almost all caught up, thanks to our friend at Guren no Heyakara!

And now...

First Giant Robo Volume 1 (second edition)

And Giant Robo...

VOLUME 2 (end)

We'd like to thank _Ani for the great job he did on volume 1 some time back, but the reason a second V1 comes out with Volume 2 is simple....

Welcome back to Dynamic Pro who will doubtlessly have more to say tomorrow. We expect to see some wonderful raws scanned in by them...and keep an eye out for somemore stuff.

Enjoy the final volume of Giant Robo and watch out for the final chapter of Blade of the Immortal...may not be too long till we begin Shin Mazinger Zero!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Triple release! Blade of the Immortal 205, Robot Keiji chapter 5 and Sabu and Ichi chapter 36

The penultimate chapter! In this chapter...the dust has settled and the Winter War is over. Who remains alive and what becomes of them Rin ponders what she'll do with her life now, and all grudges shall be laid to rest...but what of her and Manji?

And more importantly...who is left to remember? Has anything changed, even the smallest bit?

Blade of The Immortal Chapter 205: The Snows of Forgetfulness

And a HUGE thanks to footnote and SofaKingAC for their amazing work on typesetting and QCing this!

A new fun filled chapter in Sabu and Ichi as well! Chapter 36! And oh, yes, here's the complete volume 6!

And let's see, because we wanna spoil ya guys...In this chapter, an old friend returns and there's a mystery afoot! A new chapter of Robot Keiji!

Hang on till your hats for Wednesday, everyone...we may blow you away even more.

And please consider dropping a line to help with editing or translation!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Tezuka and Mizuki: Kuuki no Souki and 3, Street of Mysteries

Few little side projects we've been working on...you know about our love for short stories after all. Both graciously translated by Hahhah42

The first is Kuuki no Soko by Osamu Tezuka himself. It's a book of short stories by him, and the first story was published in Clockwork Apple by the sadly now defunct TwoPioneers. Here is a link to the first story from Two Pioneers:

The first story we're doing is called "Joe's Visitor", concerning a racist soldier, saved from death by the transplant of a dead black soldier's organs into his body. The only ones who know are the dead man's family, and so the soldier goes to silence them forever....

Tezuka never shied away from weighty subjects. Racism is no exception.

Here is Joe's Visitor

Second is our beloved friend Shigeru Mizuki, the man behind Gegege No Kitaro. Mizuki sure loves his creepy ghost stories, and supernatural tales. In the first story in 3, Street of Mystery? A man takes a most unusual taxi ride one night...into another reality.

Street of Mystery, chapter 1

Monday, March 4, 2013

Release 400: New Treasure Island, and special gift

This is it. One of the manga that started it all. The famous adventure story that practically kicked off the manga market. Our love for Tezuka is well documented and what makes him more incredible is that when he got started, there was no manga market. He traded a guaranteed career as a doctor for something that could easily have crashed and burned. This is a classic, and a piece of real manga history. Our group is dedicated to classics, so this seemed simply fitting...our 400th anniversary release bringing you the manga that helped start....well...Manga!

Included is the Tezuka Diary and I do not envy the translator. We should give our friend Hahhah42 a HUGE thanks for his amazing work on this manga and the Tezuka Diary at the back of it. the private thoughts and notes of Osamu Tezuka himself to teach you more than you ever wanted to know about the man's inspirations, and his own thoughts on his work and his craft.

We've hit 400 releases and we plan to keep going. I need to thank everyone who's helped us get this far. DynamicPro for being an amazing partner...Nethandle, my old partner in crime, wherever he is now. Everyone at Hokuto No Gun, but especially Katatonia and SystematicChaoss for being the best group partners we could ask for....Illuminati Manga for all their great work on Master Keaton and everything else they do....Ikkyu, AAA, CrazyAnkan and Goral over at GWR for their awesome work, CG for his great translations, OtherSideOfSky for being one of the best translator in the business. Holy hell, did we seriously finish Devilman Lady in less than 8 months together?  (And Blade of the Immortal 30 is coming! Other Side just needs to finish translating it and then it will be in your hands..

To Ani_ for signing on the team and his great work on Cobra, Takeru, Shin Violence Jack and Giant Robo. To Hox, for being one of the finest translators I've ever known and a great partner whose love for classic and obscure manga exceeds my own (and Alabaster is coming soon, guys!), Midnight Crew for their help with Ishinomori (We have the script for Kamen Rider Black 3, just wait for Kazu to do his thing when he can), to FKMTKrazy for doing reviving Robot Keiji for us and for some Death Pie...to our own Stargood for being the man when it comes to Urasawa. You singlehandedly keep Happy! going, I hope you know....to Gurotaku for having been insane enough to scan as many tens of thousands of pages of Nagai in the first place...and to my current partner in crime and scanlation, Kazuhiko. You are one of the best friends a guy could ask for, the best of partners and an amazing editor. We'd never have made it this far without you, man. To many more

And a shout out to you, our readers, for following us along and enjoying the classics and all the other stuff we do. Here's to 400 more

It's this time I'll mention we could use some help again...we have a lot of great series but we need translators and editors, especially typesetters. We'll be glad to teach you if you don't know, so please drop us a line, we could really use the aid.

Enjoy New Treasure Island, where it all began!!
(and yes, I know this is the Spanish cover, but it's the best quality one!)

New Treasure Island By Osamu Tezuka

And also one about a blind guy. Something or other. Here's Sabu 31!

And now...here's a special one. this is done with Guren at Guren no heya kara.
Who deserves an enormous thanks for making this one possible (and Battle Angel: Last Order month after month!)

Vagabond chapter 305

You read that right. This one is worth buying (seriously, buy it), but since chapters stopped coming out, Crazyankan and Guren helped us get this to you. The raws aren't the best from the magazine, but this should sate Vagabond vans' appetites on what's been happening with Musashi, as he struggles to conquer nature and himself. If you haven't read Vagabond? Go buy the omnibus editions because it is one of the best manga ever made.

Enjoy, guys. Expect more of this soon and please consider joining the team!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Showcasing Jetman: Time Flies

Now, not a Happy Scans release, though it's a manga Kazu and I have worked on as we really love Super Sentai. some of you may know the classic Jetman sentai. This manga is a sequel, set five years later, when peace has come to earth, though it may not last long...

Very well written by the creators of the original, with solid art and action. This is a release by Grown Ups In Spandex  And can be found there. Kazu and I are proud to have helped bring it to you and personally, I feel it's some of Kazu's best work.

Enjoy everyone, and check out GUIS's sub work. Watch for Kamen Rider Black and others before too long. BOTI is in translation now, so we're waiting on Other Side to finish the volume And don't forget we really could use translators and editors.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day triple release

First of all, happy v-day, and we celebrate with an appropriate chapter with our favorite draconian warlord enjoying the best Spain has to offer.

Date Masamune chapter 41

In the spirit of romance, the epic Sci Fi love story!
I swear, every time Ryu screams the name 'Maria,' take a shot. Oh, great, now you have alcohol poisoning.

The Way of Ryu, chapter 11

And here's a surprise. Now, I'm not one to spread gossip, but I am seriously unhappy with how GWR ended up treating people. People who donated money to see some projects done frankly got screwed, and the one behind them has apparently vanished, not to be seen again, so I'm happy to say we could at least bring this to people who have been waiting far too goddamn long.

Here's a chapter of Desert Punk. 31 to be precise

This in't a series I'm too huge on, but I'm doing what I can to make sure peopleget something good they've been waiting for. The rest of volume 6 is being typeset by Goral at MiB so go check him out and say your thanks.

This's a joint with GWR for now as Ikkyusan was kind enough to finish the translation while CrazyAnkan helped with editing. While I have your attention, sharing the love by helping out with editing or translating would be much appreciated as well!

Happy valentine's day and enjoy