Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Space Adventure Cobra Volume 2

Volume 2, The Painted Women!

Our hero is on his quest, doing what he does best, along with the pirate guild hot on his heels, including his arch enemy Crystal Boy. Man, been too long since we had a Cobra, but you can thank the efforts of our new typesetter Ani_ for bringing this one out. Katatonia's fine translation work is really on display here, and I have to say Cobra is probably the best job he does on a manga. The series is simply a freaking blast to do.

Speaking of buichi Terasawa, be on the lookout for Takeru any day now, and as far as Sci Fi goes, it's time to say goodbye to one of our favorites very soon. We're still on the lookout for translators and editors, so give a shout if you're interested. And please if you enjoy, consider sending a few bucks Hokuto No gun's way!

Enjoy Cobra, everyone! As the new year and Christmas approaches, we're sure to have more good stuff for you.


  1. so does this release mean we can expect more from this series on a much regular basis? Or is it still going to be like an annual project?

    not that I don't appreciate the work you guys put in or anything (I'm sure you did awesome) and I'd always be grateful for your continued dedication in bringing us these unheralded classics... but if you could just entertain my query so that I can decide whether to start Cobra now or later. ;p

  2. Damn! First Jack and now this!!!

    Maan thank you so much! You know what, i like happyscans and i'm willing to donate a few bucks to you guys and not to those of HNG.

    1. I'm sure both HnG and Happy will appreciate your fifteen bucks ;)

  3. Hey, guys! We plan to be releasing Cobra quicker now. It's just a matter of translation checking and typesetting.

    As far as donation goes, if anyone wants to donate, I'd urge them to do so at Hokuto No Gun as their man in Japan is getting our projects, but if you want to do so for us personally, Dynamic Pro's webpage has a donate link to our paypal:


  4. Real talk? I love you guys. This is the sort of approach to fan-trans that I like to see, dealing with the historically important stuff. You guys are utterly aces.

  5. I'll donate around Christmas-New Years's eve FOR SURE!

  6. thank you so much for this release!