Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Master Keaton vol 2, Shin Jack vol 1, and future plans

Before we start your getting todays post by old kazu here since wright is going to be gone for a few days while hes on a trip and so the next few posts will be by me.

Alright lets start off with good old Master Keaton with 4 brand new chapters and with those, concludes vol 2. Thanks goes out to our translator CG for translating Master Keaton even when hes so busy and can't forget the old Illuminati manga team for there great editing.

Keaton, 21   Keaton, 22   Keaton, 23   Keaton, 24   and the complete vol 2 is here Keaton, v2

Now on to our Christmas surpise Shin Jack vol 1 this is was a long time in the making we had many delays but its now here. This was one of the few happy releases that I had nothing to do with all the credits goes to Otherside for his top-notch translation, Wright for cleaning and special thanks to our new rising star Ani for typesetting this monster just in time for christmas. I would reccommend saving this if you are dead set on reading all of Violence Jack first since this takes place after it but I can't stop you guys here and enjoy! Shin Jack v01

Now on to future plans, me and wright have been debating over creating our own donantion box for happy to help fund future projects that we could only dream about doing, if you guys think its a good idea please comment about it below. We are hoping to break into subing old shows that haven't seen the light of day and thats probbly where most of our donation's would go is to get the dvds for said shows. Shows that include Tigermask, Sampei the Fisher Boy, Possibly Babel 2 and many others. Shows like Tigermask and Sampei are childhood favorites of mine and I would love to get them done to show you all how much they mean to me. If this does happen we'll be on the look out for postions to fill for timmers and translators for said shows.   For our manga we got plans to get everything on our list to get done; Me and wright got that covered were just 2 guys with alot of passion  so you don't got to worry about that. Going back to Sampei I would love to do the manga for it aswell I do have raws for the bunko versions of Sampei and if this does happen it would be a solo project on my part with someone willing to translate it for me and I edit it. I hope for anyone who comes forward on it has love for Sampei and likes fishing as much as I do. With that I must take my leave and a Merry Christmas to all and all a good night!


  1. I'd donate towards Tiger Mask subs, though I'd prefer to see the 80s version get subtitled more.

    1. Tiger Mask II's DVDs are up on AsianDVDClub, so there's no need to donate for them.

  2. Merry Christmas!

    Thanks a lot for this! (big fan of Jack). How many volumes is SVJ?

    I think it's a great idea, because i know there are a lot of people who don't like HNG and who would prefer to donate money to you (i'm one them).

    Thanks again.

    1. Shin Jack is only 2 vols so you will likely see the next one around the time Wright returns from his trip at the earliest

  3. The Devilman saga continues...

    Many, many thanks for Shin Jack! I've been waiting for this ever since I read the first three chapters ages ago, and I've been dying to know the story and how it ends since all I had were a few tantalizing hints.

    I see that Shin Jack continues Nagai's tradition of adding characters from his other series, as Ushio, Marin and Sara are from his Salakia series. And the Marvel Pirates... heh, three guesses where they come from. ^_^

    Just to be certain: Does this continue after the end of the original Violence Jack (since the Slum King and Queen were mentioned on the back cover), or is this a different continuity, continuing from where Devilman Lady left off, like how VJ continued from Devilman? What argues in favor of a different continuity is that the map of Kantou that the Pirate commander inspects on his computer is different from the one depicted in the original series.

    Also: Was that the Slum Queen at the end? And Miki Makimura with the body of a dog?!!

  4. Bumping this ages-old post to know if subbing the Tiger Mask anime is still something that might happen.

    A guy called kingmenu is announcing that he'll start subbing it soon on his streaming blog, but the broken English in his posts makes me raise eyebrows like I'm competing for best Spock impersonator at a convention :


    I know it's looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I'd like to know if there's an alternative.