Saturday, December 29, 2012

Date Masamune ch 35

With the return of sabu also brings the return of everyone's favortie lord Date heres Date 35

also always on the look out for translators, typesetters and redrawers!! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sabu & Ichi v05 chapter 23

Alright People time to start off a fresh Sabu & Ichi vol 5 with chapter 23 here it is Sabu 23

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Master Keaton vol 2, Shin Jack vol 1, and future plans

Before we start your getting todays post by old kazu here since wright is going to be gone for a few days while hes on a trip and so the next few posts will be by me.

Alright lets start off with good old Master Keaton with 4 brand new chapters and with those, concludes vol 2. Thanks goes out to our translator CG for translating Master Keaton even when hes so busy and can't forget the old Illuminati manga team for there great editing.

Keaton, 21   Keaton, 22   Keaton, 23   Keaton, 24   and the complete vol 2 is here Keaton, v2

Now on to our Christmas surpise Shin Jack vol 1 this is was a long time in the making we had many delays but its now here. This was one of the few happy releases that I had nothing to do with all the credits goes to Otherside for his top-notch translation, Wright for cleaning and special thanks to our new rising star Ani for typesetting this monster just in time for christmas. I would reccommend saving this if you are dead set on reading all of Violence Jack first since this takes place after it but I can't stop you guys here and enjoy! Shin Jack v01

Now on to future plans, me and wright have been debating over creating our own donantion box for happy to help fund future projects that we could only dream about doing, if you guys think its a good idea please comment about it below. We are hoping to break into subing old shows that haven't seen the light of day and thats probbly where most of our donation's would go is to get the dvds for said shows. Shows that include Tigermask, Sampei the Fisher Boy, Possibly Babel 2 and many others. Shows like Tigermask and Sampei are childhood favorites of mine and I would love to get them done to show you all how much they mean to me. If this does happen we'll be on the look out for postions to fill for timmers and translators for said shows.   For our manga we got plans to get everything on our list to get done; Me and wright got that covered were just 2 guys with alot of passion  so you don't got to worry about that. Going back to Sampei I would love to do the manga for it aswell I do have raws for the bunko versions of Sampei and if this does happen it would be a solo project on my part with someone willing to translate it for me and I edit it. I hope for anyone who comes forward on it has love for Sampei and likes fishing as much as I do. With that I must take my leave and a Merry Christmas to all and all a good night!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Takeru Volume 2 (end)

To celebrate being alive, we're now finishing the first ever Buichi Terasawa series to be fully scanned! Enjoy, guys.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mars, volume 5, chapters 3-5 and Volume 5 complete

What day is it now? Oh, right. It's the end of the world as we know it! Well, that apocalypse is on us, so to celebrate the end, here's the conclusion of Yokoyama's Mars. It's been a hell of a ride since we started this one a year ago, but here it is. The first, if I'm not mistaken, Yokoyama Sci Fi manga, and quite probably the first Yokoyama series period, to be complete in English!

It's all come to this. Mars against Ra, a battle for the fate of the world! Mars takes a stand for what he knows is right. But like any 60s Sci Fi, we know he'll do it and save the world from his evil brethren. Enjoy this happy ending, and let Yokoyama's uplifting conclusion restore your faith in the human race.

Mars Volume 5 Chapter 3

Mars Volume 5 chapter 4

Mars Volume 5, chapter 5

Mars Volume 5 complete

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Space Adventure Cobra Volume 2

Volume 2, The Painted Women!

Our hero is on his quest, doing what he does best, along with the pirate guild hot on his heels, including his arch enemy Crystal Boy. Man, been too long since we had a Cobra, but you can thank the efforts of our new typesetter Ani_ for bringing this one out. Katatonia's fine translation work is really on display here, and I have to say Cobra is probably the best job he does on a manga. The series is simply a freaking blast to do.

Speaking of buichi Terasawa, be on the lookout for Takeru any day now, and as far as Sci Fi goes, it's time to say goodbye to one of our favorites very soon. We're still on the lookout for translators and editors, so give a shout if you're interested. And please if you enjoy, consider sending a few bucks Hokuto No gun's way!

Enjoy Cobra, everyone! As the new year and Christmas approaches, we're sure to have more good stuff for you.

Violence Jack, Hell's Wind, and Volume 2 complete

Hell's Wind

And Volume 2!

Man, what a wild ride and feels good to get this out so quick! Thanks be to Arles for his incredible typesetting and Katatonia for his great translation. Now that Hell's Wind is done, Volume 3 is finishing its translation check, and then Arles will begin typesetting! Enjoy the early Christmas gift!

With more to come!

If you're enjoying please consider donating to hokuto No Gun so we can afford some great out of print raws. and please consider signing on as an editor for some more great projects!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Tiger Mask, chapter 6

LONG AWAITED RETURN! and it heats up! Let's have a thanks to Angin for some fantastic work on this chapter! Everyone, enjoy the return of tiger Mask here!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

News, and a request:

Greetings, everyone! I hope everyone is having a great December thus far. No release after Arashi yet, but we want to let you know some news. Cobra volume 2 should be on its way shortly, and Hell's Wind as well. Both should almost assuredly be out before the month is up. Tiger Mask's new chapter is in the typesetting phase as well. Spiderman is just waiting to be sent to my email/PM (whenever Morten does it), along with our special Violence Jack project as a thank you for waiting so patiently

FKMt KRazy plans to get to Robot Keiji before long and we should see more of Ryu and Keaton as well.The former may have a new translator, but you can bet it ain't forgotten. CG plans to finish at least volume 1. Stargood is back, and is at work on Happy and a special project after the hurricane. We're also waiting for our friend at Dynamic Pro to return so we can finish Mars, and a few special projects, including one super secret Yokoyama one! As soon as Hox gets more alabaster and Joe, you can bet we'll see that.

Next year? We'll be doing more Ishinomori and Shimamoto. You can expect to see ones like Kamen Boxer, and the Henshin Ninja Arashi Gaiden...and the continuations of favorites like Sabu and Ichi, and a special Yokoyama project or two (or three, or four...I'll just say this...robots and ninjas, people)

Most of this will be the work of our friends Katatonia and Systematic Chaos, too,so we bring you a personal request. Hundreds of people download our releases, and while in Japan, Chaos hopes to pick up the Sabu and Ichi anime to bring it subbed into English for the first time. We need help on this. If everyone who downloads our stuff could donate just a few dollars, we'd do this no problem. Here is the link to Hokuto No Gun where you can make that donation.

thank you all for being great readers, and for the consideration. We're always accepting new editors and translators, and hope to bring you even more quality classics!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Henshin Ninja Arashi, chapter 7

Three more to go! Still waiting on GWR for those volumes, so hopefully Morten sends them soon. Also waiting for the return of our friends at Dynamic Pro for the rest of Mars

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tomorrow's Joe, volume 11 part 1

Hoxman is back, baby! Expect Alabaster soon hopefully, and Ashita no Joe resumes! Officially over the halfway point.

Right now, a new editor for a certain project would be helpful as well. We have approximately 6 volumes finished by Offtopia/Gantz Waiting Room that we're waiting for them to upload. Anyone interested in translating and editing, let us know!

Date Masamune, chapter 33

Here's another!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gegege no Kitaro chapter 14, and volume 2

Chapter 14

Volume 2

Two volumes of this classic complete! Thanks as ever to the works of angin here! and we have a nice kickoff to December.