Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Violence Jack, The slums of Kanto

God, this took long enough, didn't it? Given the amount of times crazy stuff happened with typesetters? I'm sorry it took as absurdly long as it did, and hopefully this will not happen again. This is the first large chunk of V2, and Hell's Wind will be next. After that, we proceed to volume 3.

This release owes a ton of the editing of Arles, who some of you may know as the incredible typesetter for Ashita no Joe (which we haven't dropped. Like with Alabaster, just waiting for that one to resumed by Hox whenever he's back.

Other series...Black is being typeset now. Stargood has informed me he'll be getting back up with Happy and Yawara soon.

We're waiting to hear from Dynamic Pro again to see the conclusion of Mars, Takeru, Shutendoji, Grendizer and our other projects, so hold on that. CG is also dealing with real life things, so when he's free again we'll see Master Keaton and The Road to Ryu again.

But onto the goods, from HappyScans and HokutoNoGun.
Slums Of Kanto

and as always, we're game for anything classic, but especially Nagai, Shotaro, Urasawa, Yokoyama and SHimamoto, so if you're interested in translating with us, please give us a ring, we've got a few secret series that could use help with translation.


  1. It doesn't matter how late it is, as long as it gets finished. And even if it doesn't, it can't be helped. Thanks for it guys.

  2. Hell Yeaaa-uh?

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Thanks again for your work and efforts. If we must wait, we wil wait. RL can't be avoided, and waiting is the less we can do for people like you bringing us classics like the ones you bring us.

  4. Wow, a new Black is coming? Great!

  5. FREAKINGLY AMAZING!!! Thank you very much for this, guys. Violence Jack is ridiculously awesome! Looking foward to Hell's Wind too.

  6. It is really joyfull to see a new Go Nagai... thank for all your efforts and time, scanlators! ;)

    Now, "Hells Wind" has already been scanlated. You can find it at "Manga Traders":

    So, it would be the best if you just moved to the story arc that comes right after it.

  7. We'll do Hell's Wind and then move on. It's already been translated

  8. Yo dawg. Wats da word on da new Joe chap? I aint seen a chap since Oct. 3. You guys drop dat shit or what? Dis nigga needs his fix. Aight?

  9. I agree with Nintakun.

    I know that you'll do it eventually, but please move on to the next arc. You can work on Hell's Wind later on. I've been wanting to read this for SO LONG! If you work on Hell's Wind first (which you will release gods knows when) then chances are the next arc we'll see will be in several months? I don't mind waiting at all, i just don't understand why do you want to release Hell's wind first...

  10. One more thing. So far we have the following arcs translated:

    Arc I (By Happy and Wrigh)
    Arc II (By Happy and Wrihg, complete?)
    Arc III Hell's Wind (Gurotaku)
    Arc VI Evil Town (Gurotaku)
    Arc VIII Demon Sumo (Gurotaku)
    Arc X King of Brutes (Gurotaku)

  11. It's probably a good thing HELL'S WIND gets redone. The version I released was translated from the Italian edition by Kivaik and while I was happy with it, who knows what may have gotten lost in translation by going from Japanese to Italian to English. The same goes for DEMON SUMO, which was also translated from the Italian version.

    Now, EVIL TOWN and KING OF THE BRUTES were translated directly from the Japanese but I'd argue these should be redone as well, just for the sake of consistency. Different translating, wording and editing styles may be acceptable in single releases but they get annoying when you are reading a complete series - as hopefully people will be able to do with VIOLENCE JACK in a few years.

    So let's all be patient, avoid falling into the instant gratification trap and give thanks to HappyScans! for their continued efforts to bring us VIOLENCE JACK in English in its entirety!

  12. I really wonder what's Jack purpose and why didn't he kill the Slum King.

    In Shin Violence Jack there's a Skull King. Is that the same King?

  13. I think that he didn't kill Slum King in order to give the orphans, and other survivors, a constant chalenge... which is meant to harden them and lead the people of Kanto to fight and refusal of tyranny (law of strongenst)... renewing civilization by their own efforts, not some god-like intervention.

    It is just my reading of the story, ofcourse.

  14. Finished Hell's Wind. I'm kind of disappointed, because this time there wasn't even a hint about Jack's identity. The volume ends with "Sabura Tenma... A man who in the future will challenge Ryu Takuma to a duel". So the whole 232 pages were dedicated to that boy who we will EVENTUALLY see in the future?

    So maybe Jack's testing worthy people (so far only kids?) so that one day one of them can rule Kanto in a humane way?