Sunday, November 11, 2012

Master Keaton, chapter 20

Glad to see this back! CG's been quite busy, but we can expect more Keaton, and The Road of Ryu whenever he can manage it.

Alright, let's bring out the good news:

Violence Jack? Kanto slums is nearly finished.

Kamen Rider Black? We have received volume 2! Kazu will begin on it shortly, and we'll be releasing an updated volume 1 with it.

Robot Keiji? our pals from FKMTKrazy will be on this before too long with only Death Pie'sone shot left!

Morten's told me Spiderman is nearly finished completely as well, so watch for it soon, too.

Keep an eye out for everything, guys! A ffew by Nagai, one by Yokoyama, should be up before too ong, hopefully. Just a matter of DynamicPro and Morten's schedules

And Blade of the Immortal? Next volume is the last. And you can bet we'll be finishing it up.


  1. I know it sounds too easy to say it. bur i'm honest. THANKS for all your hard work in bringing us this mangas. For me, is the ishinomori Shotaro work that brought me to your work, Kamen Rider in particular.

    And i ended discovering works i only knew by brief mentions in other places. You, guys, you rock!

  2. Thanks a lot for your hard work, specially for Master Keaton. Any chance you'll be retaking Yawara soon? Or did you definitely drop it?

    Anyway, keep up the good work :)

    1. Don't worry. We drop nothing without explicit confirmation. Yes, we'll see more. Just give Stargood time.

    2. Not a problem, I've been waiting for 5 years or so since TS began scanlating it, so I'm rather used to waiting :) Just wondering about the status since there hadn't been any updates recently.

      Thanks for the reply!

  3. need more Happy!!

  4. Can't w8 for more Nagai :P

  5. Ishinomori is my hero, thanks to you guys, I can finally understand some of his works!

  6. Ow yeah once again thanks and respect for your dedication ;). Love em those "ol'" mangas.

  7. I'm waiting for Ryu no Michi to be completed before reading. Really looking forward to that one. My father loved that manga as a teenager and it seems a really great work.

  8. very excited for blade. Thanks, guys

  9. THank you so much for Master Keaton!