Sunday, October 14, 2012

Release 300! Black Lion COMPLETE

Black Lion part 3, finished

The finale of Black Lion, as well as HappyScans 300th release! It's been an awesome ride thus far, guys, with many more to come! For the first time, Black Lion, Go Nagai's classic is completely available in English, nearly 1000 pages of it! This picks up where the OVA left off as well, so if you want to learn the secret of the Black Lion, tune in!

We're more dedicated than ever to bring more classic, excellent manga to you all. Please consider joining as an editor or translator to help out!


  1. Thank you for completing this classic manga from Go Nagai!

  2. I've owned the book for years now, and never found the time and energy to properly learn Japanese, so it's really a treat to be able to read it now! Thanks a lot!

    That being said, just one tiny little remark : on page 708, the same speech bubble is repeated twice (it's in Ulysses' speech on the White Universe's history). Looking at my copy of the book, it seems that the text is actually different. And since these explanations seem to be pretty important in the course of the story... Maybe it would be worth it to correct it.

    Anyway, thanks again for a wonderful job!

  3. I'm not sure if there's a precedent for releasing an 800+ page manga in just three installments in the scanlation world... but I doubt it! Thanks for an incredible release!