Thursday, September 27, 2012

Master Keaton, chapter 18

Seriously, sure we're not tired of this one yet?


  1. kyaan!! i'm a big fan of master keaton!! there's no way i'd be bored/tired of this series! *unless you decided that it is and dont want to continue.. TT^TT, cant say much about it*

    thank you soooooooo muuuuchhhh for all the hard works!!! my friend also is a big fan of this series and she was on a slump when she found out no one continued back then, but it is now! she's super extatic! :D

    dakara, arigatou gozaimasu!!! ^^

  2. Never, never, never!!!!!!!

    Thanks a lot for scanlating Keaton ^^

  3. i can read this all day n never get tired of it
    superb job guys

  4. ohhh, thank you for this. Keaton is always interesting!