Saturday, September 15, 2012

DeathPie, Chapter 6

Hello everyone, my name is kazuhiko or just kazu for short you might have seen my name on alot of releases in the past as there typesetter but now I seem to have hit the big leagues as now I am now one of  happy scans new admins. I hope now that I have achieved this honor I can make this blog a bit more lively as I am quite a talkitive fellow and help get this site updated in the near future. Well enough out of me heres Death pie chapter 6 and it seems to be an exciting one at that  as we enter the series final arc hopefully we can get the next one to you all sooner for those who follow this manga.

Also were still looking for Translators, Cleaners and Typesetters who are dedicated to brining classic manga to the english speaking world.

One last thing be sure to check out our buddys at mahjongkrazy as our translator for this project Sonickrazy as he always writes a well done analysis of each death pie chapter that I feel has gone unnoitced.

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