Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black Lion, part 2

Right on the heels of part 1 of the Black Lion, we have Black Lion, Part 2 for you here, with the plot thickening. Shishimaru's hunt or the immortal Jinnai Douma turns sour as Jinnai's power and ruthlessness surpass anything they've imagined. While there's an enormous difference in Nagai's art style here and, say, Utamaro or Devilman Lady,  his penchant for gore seems to have been a rather consistent thing throughout his career.

 New chapters of Mars in the works, and Spiderman's being finished as well...after which we'll see more Violence Jack, at long last, with perhaps a little...something special related to that for your patience.

In the meanwhile, we'd definitely appreciate the aid of more translators and editors, so consider giving a call!

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