Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Black Lion, Part 1

Black Lion, part 1

Well, here's one of the surprises! Thanks to OtherSideofSky, one of Go Nagai's earliest manga will now be available in English! One that Mr Nagai seems to think might well have inspired Star Wars and the Terminator...well, it combines ninjas, sci fi and history into a rather interesting package, we have to say that. Some might remember the ultraviolent OVA and even better, its hilarious dub. Either way, we're glad to present this one here, and a note on other projects.

Kamen Rider Black V2's translation is in the QC phase now
Violence Jack volume 2 is being typeset now
Alabaster's second chapter is complete and Hox is working on the rest of the volume. If he doesn't finish it in the next week, it'll be done after he returns in October.

Meanwhile, Mars is entering its final phase, and Giant Robo's translation is finished, so you can expect those soon. Now, very important would be that we have more typesetters to help with several upcoming projects if necessary, so if any editors are interested, we could badly use that help. More translators are always welcome aboard as well.

Overall, though, enjoy Black Lion...it's a true epic!


  1. Wow, can't wait for the next Kamen Rider Black!!

    No word about Robot Keiji? Ohh...

  2. So this is the manga that caught the attention of Ishinomori at first place. Thanks a lot!

  3. Unfortunately the TL hasn't gotten back to me about Keiji...if they've vanished, don't worry, we have other routes to get it done.

    Hope you guys enjoy! Btw, Jean, are you the one Katatonia mentioned?

    1. The same goes for Kikaider? I really want to see that one finished.

    2. Yes. Don't worry, we never forget a series...I can't promise it'll get done immediately, but I'mmaking arrangements. Kikaider will be done.

  4. Wow. is incredible the amount of stories i'm discovering thanks to you, guys! :D Thanks for all of them1

  5. Thanks for translating this manga! Just FYI, file 004.jpg is actually the completed 083.jpg file, and thus that page is missing; and the original 083.jpg is missing some of the dialog from Goemon.

    And sadly, all the released compilations of Black Lion are missing the pages when Shishimaru first gets the armor from his friend and tests out the iron bracelets by having his friend try to hit him with a sword, and Shishimaru crosses the bracelets to trap and shatter the sword. I have memories of that from the weekly publications back then...

    Looking towards the rest of the translation, can't wait.

  6. Oh, sorry bout that! Thank for letting me know, Anonymous! Fixing that up now.

    You actually read this when it was a weekly? Hope we did a good job there. Any other Nagai you'd like to see?

  7. Re : Jean

    It's not *exactly* the manga that Nagai showed Ishimori to become part of his studio, but rather a *remake* of that original 88-page manga Nagai created when he was 19. Nagai produced Kuro No Shishi in 1978, when he was 33 years old.

    For years, only extracts from the original were shown in various artbooks and publications (which is why I never quite understood Nagai's statement that the Americans could have been inspired by it). The whole 88-page story finally surfaced in 2008 in the magazine "Comics Ran Twins Zokan" under a different title, "Satsujinsha".

    For more info on Satsujinsha vs Kuro No Shishi, check out this forum :


  8. Thanks for releasing this classic! You are awesome!
    Just FYI page 094.png and 095.png seem to be the same,is it possible to have a link for the missing file?