Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Way of Ryu, chapter 1

Well, I think you've guessed we have a special affection for Ishinomori matched only by our issues in getting more by him scanned. Thankfully, this seems to be ceasing to be an issue. Kamen Rider Black volume 2 is in the QC phase, and after that, typesetting begins on it.

Before I talk about Ryu, time for good news. CG, our epic Keaton TL (evidenced by the 5 chapters in the last three days) is ever so graciously participating in aid on our Ishinomori projects. Ryu no Michi will be the focus at first, but you'll be happy to know, we fully intend to resume projects like Kikaider and Robot Keiji when CG can get to them. We might well see our friends at FukumotoKrazy assist with some Ishinomori after Death Pie is done as well.

Now, let's also give a round of applause to our new typesetter Lunar Composition on his first job here, for Ryu no Michi! And talking about Ryu...this is a work Ishinomori is proud of. Not without reason, either. I've heard he considered it possibly hi greatest's a rather huge epic through time and space...honestly, I won't say much on the plot as that would wreck the surprise here.

I'll also mention this features some INCREDIBLE art by Shotaro as well. Anyone who follows our releases knows this guy is the king of scenery and the double page spread. This is one we've wanted to do for a while and thanks to CG, it's possible. Now, for other projects like Kikaider and Keiji? Anyone wants to help typeset or translate, it'll make this go tons faster, so please consider dropping a line.

Expect more Sabu, Death Pie and Kitaro pretty quickly here.