Thursday, September 27, 2012

Kitaro, chapter 9

Another spooky, fun-filled adventure of our favorite boy of the graveyard!

Scroll down for Way of Ryu and new Keaton, and remember we're recruiting all positions

Master Keaton, chapter 18

Seriously, sure we're not tired of this one yet?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Way of Ryu, chapter 1

Well, I think you've guessed we have a special affection for Ishinomori matched only by our issues in getting more by him scanned. Thankfully, this seems to be ceasing to be an issue. Kamen Rider Black volume 2 is in the QC phase, and after that, typesetting begins on it.

Before I talk about Ryu, time for good news. CG, our epic Keaton TL (evidenced by the 5 chapters in the last three days) is ever so graciously participating in aid on our Ishinomori projects. Ryu no Michi will be the focus at first, but you'll be happy to know, we fully intend to resume projects like Kikaider and Robot Keiji when CG can get to them. We might well see our friends at FukumotoKrazy assist with some Ishinomori after Death Pie is done as well.

Now, let's also give a round of applause to our new typesetter Lunar Composition on his first job here, for Ryu no Michi! And talking about Ryu...this is a work Ishinomori is proud of. Not without reason, either. I've heard he considered it possibly hi greatest's a rather huge epic through time and space...honestly, I won't say much on the plot as that would wreck the surprise here.

I'll also mention this features some INCREDIBLE art by Shotaro as well. Anyone who follows our releases knows this guy is the king of scenery and the double page spread. This is one we've wanted to do for a while and thanks to CG, it's possible. Now, for other projects like Kikaider and Keiji? Anyone wants to help typeset or translate, it'll make this go tons faster, so please consider dropping a line.

Expect more Sabu, Death Pie and Kitaro pretty quickly here.

Master Keaton Chapter 17

Anyone getting tired of this one yet?

Here's chapter 17!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Master Keaton chapters 13 and 14

Keaton 13

Keaton 14

Scroll down for more Kekko Kamen as well!

This one was long overdue, I'd say. A new chapter of Keaton Remaster is coming soon as well. Enjoy and please remember to contact us as more help would be appreciated!

Kekko Kamen, chapters 9 and 10!

And so ends the first volume of Kekko Kamen (Volume 1 will follow later). This ends with a coincidental reference/homage chapter to Gegege No Kitaro, of all things here. The manga remains as hilarious as nonsensical as ever here.

Katatonia graciously translated a bit here and plans to continue it when he has time, though it's not the highest priority. Dynamic Pro Scanlations was also kind enough to help with this chapter, though for future ones, we'd very much appreciate aid with typesetting for this series!

Enjoy the long awaited return, and anticipate the end of Mars soon!

Date Masamune chapter 24

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sabu and Ichi, chapter 12

Enjoy this monster, 102 page chapter of Sabu and Ichi's latest adventure, with a thank as always to SystematicChaos's translation!

For right now, if anyone wishes to help with typesetting to make Jack volume 2 go faster, it'd be much appreciated, as well as aid with anything else!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sabu and Ichi, Volume 3, chapter 1

And so we kick off a new volume. Scroll down for some more Black Lion!

Black Lion, part 2

Right on the heels of part 1 of the Black Lion, we have Black Lion, Part 2 for you here, with the plot thickening. Shishimaru's hunt or the immortal Jinnai Douma turns sour as Jinnai's power and ruthlessness surpass anything they've imagined. While there's an enormous difference in Nagai's art style here and, say, Utamaro or Devilman Lady,  his penchant for gore seems to have been a rather consistent thing throughout his career.

 New chapters of Mars in the works, and Spiderman's being finished as well...after which we'll see more Violence Jack, at long last, with perhaps a little...something special related to that for your patience.

In the meanwhile, we'd definitely appreciate the aid of more translators and editors, so consider giving a call!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

DeathPie, Chapter 6

Hello everyone, my name is kazuhiko or just kazu for short you might have seen my name on alot of releases in the past as there typesetter but now I seem to have hit the big leagues as now I am now one of  happy scans new admins. I hope now that I have achieved this honor I can make this blog a bit more lively as I am quite a talkitive fellow and help get this site updated in the near future. Well enough out of me heres Death pie chapter 6 and it seems to be an exciting one at that  as we enter the series final arc hopefully we can get the next one to you all sooner for those who follow this manga.

Also were still looking for Translators, Cleaners and Typesetters who are dedicated to brining classic manga to the english speaking world.

One last thing be sure to check out our buddys at mahjongkrazy as our translator for this project Sonickrazy as he always writes a well done analysis of each death pie chapter that I feel has gone unnoitced.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Black Lion, Part 1

Black Lion, part 1

Well, here's one of the surprises! Thanks to OtherSideofSky, one of Go Nagai's earliest manga will now be available in English! One that Mr Nagai seems to think might well have inspired Star Wars and the Terminator...well, it combines ninjas, sci fi and history into a rather interesting package, we have to say that. Some might remember the ultraviolent OVA and even better, its hilarious dub. Either way, we're glad to present this one here, and a note on other projects.

Kamen Rider Black V2's translation is in the QC phase now
Violence Jack volume 2 is being typeset now
Alabaster's second chapter is complete and Hox is working on the rest of the volume. If he doesn't finish it in the next week, it'll be done after he returns in October.

Meanwhile, Mars is entering its final phase, and Giant Robo's translation is finished, so you can expect those soon. Now, very important would be that we have more typesetters to help with several upcoming projects if necessary, so if any editors are interested, we could badly use that help. More translators are always welcome aboard as well.

Overall, though, enjoy Black's a true epic!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sabu and Ichi Volume 2 complete

And here we are! The end of this volume! Enjoy the exemplary stories involved, and stay tuned for more...real life things are slowing a few other series up, but nothing is forgotten, I assure you. We're committed to bringing everything. If anyone would like to help out as a translator, cleaner or typesetter, it'd be much appreciated, too.

Sunday, September 2, 2012