Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grendizer, chapter four (joint with DynamicPro and Hokuto No Gun)

Far too long, but this's a nice big chapter...and it closes out a major chapter in Mazingerhistory with the Mycenean Empire vs. the Vegans!


  1. Good work with the release.

    PS - Will it be okay if I recommend a Super Robot war manga to look at in the future?

  2. Replies
    1. Sure. (The titles I'm providing can be referenced at from B-U Manga).

      - Shougeki Kishidan (SRW crossover with Real/Super Robots)
      - Super Robot Taisen Original Generation: The Animation

      The others I have are either have mecha/are Gundam-based:

      - Front Mission: The Drive
      - Ore wa Nama Gundam
      - Gundam Pilot Retsuden: Soukyuu no Yuushatachi
      - Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain
      - MS Igloo and MS Igloo 603
      - Gundam 0083 (Yes, I have this with me)
      - Tony Takezaki Evangelion
      - Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story From Encounter in Space (From what I've been told, the 3rd and last volume is a what if story and it doesn't tie with the first two volumes)

      Apologies if it's a lot. I know it's a lot to look over...

      Anyway I have copies of these if you're interested to look at them in the near future.

    2. Well, I can't promise much...they seem interesting, but there's a lot we want to check out first. I'll definitely keep them in consideration, though.

    3. As long as I'm hearing that you're interested to give a consideration, it's fine with me.

  3. I'm way more interested in seeing manga by Ishinomori or Yokoyama translated than a bunch of Super Robot Wars fanzine.

  4. This version is muche better than the Go Nagai one, except for the crude art.