Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Alabaster, chapter 1

My, this was a long time in the coming, wasn't it? Well, here is chapter 1 as a taste. The next release will be the full volume, when Hox is finished with it. Tezuka's darkest, most controversial work right here.

"James Block is a former sports star whose criminal endeavors landed him in jail. In prison he meets "Dr. F", a strange old man who tells James about a beam that can turn living things invisible.

After escaping from prison, James finds and uses the laser on himself. But, because the beam has not been perfected yet, it only rendered his skin invisible, leaving his insides visible to the outside. Angered at his disfigurement, James takes the name "Alabaster" and begins eliminating the hypocrites and the boastful. He is joined by Ami Ozawa, the granddaughter of "Doctor F", who was rendered invisible after the doctor used his pregnant daughter as an "F Beam" test subject.

On their trail is Rock, a vicious FBI agent.."
That's right, people. Tremble and despair. Rock, star of Vampires, is BACK! Will he have a villain song this time? Time will tell!


  1. Wow, thanks!

    Any news about Midnight?

  2. Working on it...the original TL vanished.

  3. The infamous alabaster-Rock lol. Awesome pick guys!

  4. been waiting for this one forever.........much thanks for translating one of tezuka-sama's darkest works!!!

  5. Looking forward for this one. A truly labor of love from you guys. Thanks a lot, really.