Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sabu and Ichi's Detective Stories, chapter 1

And here we are...something we've had cooking for a bit now. The first chapter of Shotaro Ishinomori's epic and episodic story about Sabu, a young Bakufu inspector, and his partner, blind masseur (and swordsman), Ichi...they fight crime! Literally. Ishinomori's award winning classic is a series of cinematic stories on these two solving mysteries, having adventures and defeating villains, while being educational on Edo during the Shogunate. We hope you enjoy this great manga. Thanks be to Kazuhiko for his typesetting and to Chaos for his translations.

And remember, we're looking for translators and editors! And anime timers as well.


  1. can you please post the original version of the opening line that goes:
    "The Sumida flows with early signs of spring...
    Here in the city of Edo, thriving with icefish fishers
    I tried to live a quiet life.
    Had not two corpses floated to the surface of the river..."

    the translation is quite artful which makes me curious about the original

    thank you

  2. I uploaded the raw if you want to have a look, do you read Japanese?

  3. This is the best release of the year!!