Monday, May 7, 2012

Master Keaton Remastered, chapter 1 (Joint with /a/non scans and Illuminati)

Well, this actually happened. As we await more of the main series, /a/non was gracious enough to translate this. Keaton Remastered is set twenty years after the original with all new stories in the life of Master Keaton. Illuminati, namely GGPX and Icedman were good enough to lend a hand as well. Please everyone enjoy this great new series!

Sidenote: The release schedule is a mite irregular for this one. we should get chapter 2 this month,but chapter 3 won't be released till August. Makes sense when you consider Urasawa's schedule. And of workload, we're still interested in help for any cleaners, typesetters or translators for help


  1. You are the best : )

  2. Wow, this is great news! I am really looking forward to reading Urasawa-sensei's latest project.

  3. Missing speech in a bubble on page 16.