Friday, April 13, 2012

Space Adventure Cobra Volume 1

Enter, Buichi Terasawa's greatest work, Space Adventure Cobra and his Psychogun! Katatonia's masterful TL, with Offtopia's editing, and you have this special release...volume 2 hopefully won't take too long, and this series is probably Katatonia's personal favorite. I hope everyone enjoys!

Also, someone supplied us the missing page of Queen Emeraldus, so here's a new version:

And as usual, any aid for typesetting/cleaning/translating would be appreciated. Still waiting for word on Happy, Midnight and Ishinomori. Our Keaton TL just needs to finish a paper and we'll see more of that. Jack volume 2 is in the works now


  1. I am a huge fan of the Cobra anime and I've seen some scans of the old Viz floppys so seeing a whole volume in English like this is just great. Thanks.

  2. Not that I am not grateful you guys take it up again. But why not start at vol 2? Vol 1 was done years ago and we are really looking forward to new vol, not redone.

    1. Because we wanted to do it from the start. Be patient and you'll have volume 2.

  3. Guys, thank you VERY MUCH for this manga. I've been waiting for years to read it. I just finished reading volume 1 and... IT'S ULTRA EPIC!!

    Looking foward to the next 17 volumes!

  4. Thank you guys! Many times I was dreaming to read this AWESOME manga!

    Go ahead!

  5. With this one, the masterpieces of Jump are closer to be completely scanlated! Thanks for this icon of mangas!

  6. wow,this was great!! Thank u!!

  7. Now go scanlate Rokudenashi Blues!! XD Seriously, thanks for this. Now I've got to read the unwesternized version again.

  8. just wanted to pop in and thank you for starting to re-scanlate the space adventure cobra series!