Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Date Masamune, chapter 1 (With Hokuto no Gun)

Another Yokoyama manga, this time one of his seminal histories, and it's a personal favorite figure of the era: Date Masamune (Not as awesome as he was in Sengoku Basara, admittedly). Yokoyama has a plain and matter of fact style for history without really trying to dramatize it. It's quite fascinating, really.

Now, this won't affect any other projects, due to people involved. We're waiting for Stealth Momo to do Happy again when he's a bit freer, and Tiger Mask and Gegege No Kitaro aren't far off again. Chaos is doing this one for love of the history and he should have some more stuff ready soon from checking, like Grendizer and Shutendoji. Mutant Sabu and Ryuuga should hopefully be back soon for more Midnight and Ishinomori works.

Still, with Net too busy now, I beseech anyone who can to join up for helping with cleaning and typesetting. It'd make things easier on Kazuhiko especially who has to shoulder a lot.

If interested in helping in any way, just email me at

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