Thursday, February 16, 2012

Devilman Lady Volume 17 - END:'s done! Go Nagai's epic, 17 volume series is finally complete! Quicker than I ever expected, I don't mind telling you. What's left now? Shin Violence JAck, Devilman Lady's sequel! As well as Nagai's Mao Dante remake, Space Adventure Cobra, Dynamic Heroes, Super Dynamic Robot Wars, Shin Mazinger Zero...some of these you might notice have no raws, so we've bought them. Now, translation and volume fees have cost a lot, so I would ask politely, if you appreciate our scans to go to DynamicPro's and donate a bit. Hundreds of people read our releases, so if everyone just donates 1-5 dollars apiece, we'll make everything back and raise money for even more great projects.

Shutendoji, Grendizer, Mars, Jack...all that will continue as well! Stay tuned!

And some more Ishinomori before too long! And in talks for more! Anyone who wants to help us out, give us a ring.

Happy and Keaton are a bit stalled with Net's internet down, but we plan to get back to that. Thanks so much for reading, everyone. And thanks to OtherSide and Dynamic Pro for being the best partners imaginable.


  1. Thank you sure the ending borders a bit on ridiculous and lucifer and akiras chances of winning are actually pretty small well slim to zero if god steps in but wouldn't hurt to try if they fail big reset by god start all over again. Geez when are we humans gonna get a break good thing the devil lady anime gives that hope and Michael that asshole you know you would have solved this problem if you brought some angels to fight but no.

    My fic light bulb has been relit thanks to you guys muchas gracias.

  2. OMG Vol 17 is actually a start , yet it ended =,=a , is there any related manga that tell us what will happen at or after war?

  3. nope thats it seems