Friday, February 24, 2012

Spider-Man Volume 1 and Queen Emeraldus Volume 1

Told you we'd have some Leiji Matsumoto. This time it's Queen Emeraldus, Matsumoto's space pirate heroine on her solo adventures, with more to come before long. SystematicChaos and Katatonia deserve every applause for their exemplary translations and dedication. Gegege no Kitaro and Tiger Mask will resume as soon as Katatonia and Chaos can get to them again, and dare I say that Happy itself may be starting back up shortly. Unfortunately, our Keaton TL had to withdraw, so if anyone wants to keep this series going, please let us know. We'd love to continue Keaton at any time.

So visit Gantz Waiting Room and And Hokuto no Gun for the best manga there is. DynamicPro and I will have more good stuff coming soon. Shutendoji shouldn't take much longer. Violence Jack's still in progress and Other Side of Sky has a special project for everyone