Thursday, December 8, 2011


Everyone, just want to inform you of a minor issue. Nethandle is having some computer trouble and we've ordered a new AC adapter. He should hopefully be back within the week (if UPS stop being dicks and actually deliver his goddamn package), so all the series he's working on have a delay right now. If anyone is willing to assist in typesetting or double page merging, we have some Ishinomori at hand (namely, Kamen Rider volume 3 is fully cleaned and awaiting typesetting) as well as another surprise Ishinomori. Let me know if anyone is interested

Nethandle edit: Power adapter came and I'm back up and running, currently working on the double pages for our "secret" Ishinomori project.  However, I also just got a full time job so that will impact my scanlation time.  I'm gonna try and still do all of our projects the best I can, but for now we're not going to pick up anything new until we finish a few of our currents ones.  Any translators who wanna translate for us and don't mind us sitting on the scripts for a bit are more than welcome to help of course.  And if there's anyone who's experienced in every non-translation aspect of scanlation (cleaning, redrawing, typesetting, proofreading, and QC), I wouldn't mind help with that, as that's basically my job around here.