Friday, November 25, 2011

Vinland Saga 78 (Joint with Hox)

After another month long break Yukimura is back with a brand spanking new chapter of Vinland Saga.  Seriously, at this point if the manga never got back to Thorfinn I would be more than satisfied (not that I disliked Farmland Saga, mind you).  Anyways, as always thanks to Hox for his incredible work in translating, and I hope you all enjoy the chapter.


  1. Thanks again for the release.

    The last page... do we know what this "love" is? My memory of Caunte's past is a bit fuzzy.

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  3. I thought he was referring to the death of his former mentor (forgot what his name was) but I guess he could be talking more general about lost innocence and all that.

  4. yay
    thnx for the release
    the next ch look promising
    it beginning to pick up

  5. Thanks for the hard work^^ Things are finally coming together again ...

  6. yay! thanks so much.

  7. Many thanks HappyScans! and Vox :D.

    PS: The math is wrong on page 17. 32 + 72 = 104.

  8. This is a great manga.
    Thanks for your hard work.
    Watch it his lost love be Thorfinn