Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dokuro chapter 5, END

Chapter 5

Volume 1 complete

New Happy will be completed shortly. Sorry for the delays in Tiger Mask. Our translation checker is extremely busy. When he's free, we should have more Tiger Mask and Mars in very short order.

Update: Mars will just be a bit delayed for a few more weeks. Tiger Mask will be the focus for them until the first volume is complete. However, by way of recompense, some more classic mangaka will have their first features coming up shortly by us. Namely, Leiji Matsumoto and Shigeru Mizuki


  1. And Shotaro Ishinomori?

  2. Shigeru Mizuki? Really? I hope it's Akuma-kun

  3. Kamen Rider's in the cleaning now. One other Ishinomori series is awaiting typesetting.

  4. Fujio Akatsuka, maybe?