Friday, October 7, 2011

Tiger Mask 1 (Joint with Hokuto no Gun)

And the new projects just keep on flowing!  Tiger Mask is a legendary series in Japan that has a wide cultural influence.  Even to this day there are wrestlers who adopt the Tiger Mask persona in ring.  We're very excited about this project!

Much thanks to the guys over at Hokuto no Gun for their amazing work with the translation, without them this release would not be possible.

Small note, we are working with the Bunkobon edition, which is 7 volumes long, each of which are about 400+ pages.


  1. This site deals with many amazing series, Tiger Mask being a prime example of that.

  2. Very nice. I love Tiger Mask!!!

  3. I loved the anime when I was a kid :3 thanks!

  4. WOW! Another huge classic here! If you guys keep bringing masterpieceful classics like these you'll be my favorite scanlation group in activity!

    I was hoping to read it! Thank you very much for releasing this!

    PS: Any prevision of when you guys you release more Kamen Rider? (Just asking)

  5. For Kamen Rider, the translation of volume 2 is nearly done. Just be patient and we expect to bring you the whole thing cleaned and typeset (which takes a while) in a few weeks.

    Never hesitate to ask, though. Just please understand that volumes can take some time.

  6. Oh, thank you for answering! I'll be waiting then.
    I also work with scanlations and I know that making a whole volume demands a lot of time, I understand very well. =D

    Keep up with the awesome job, guys!

  7. Awesome job, guys.

    Any chance you guys could work on "Oira Sukeban" (Sukeban Boy) or something?

    Just a thought. Can't really think of any other manga...

  8. No plans for it now, but in the future, it could be possible after we've done the other Nagai we want to

  9. Never thought I'd see this translated, I hope you get the appreciation you deserve!

  10. It is so awesome you're doing this manga.

    Thank you vey much.