Monday, September 26, 2011

Yawara! Chapters 62 and 63

Chapter 62

Chapter 63

Sorry this has taken so long, everyone. Numerous factors contributed to that. Please enjoy the next two chapters of Yawara, and let me give a big thanks to CrazyAnkan of RippersAnime for his exemplary work cleaning and our new partners on this project, Village Idiot Scans for helping to make this possible.

You know the drill, so please enjoy, and be sure to check out VI for some of the great series they're doing as well, including Urasawa's Pineapple Army.


  1. hello, im interested in this manga, but im not going to be picking it up until i see its being somewhat reliably translated, as its happened to many times in the past where something i read, and want to read, either gets dropped or im waiting close to a year for the next chapter.

    im not saying anything bad about you, im just saying this in case you look at download numbers do decide anything... you got me if this stays consistent.

  2. Woo it's great someone is translating Urasawa's neglected series Yawara & Happy.
    So many seem to love Monster and 20th Century Boys.
    But don't seem to know he made other mangas before those series.
    So Thank You.

  3. I am very happy, that you begun translating Yawara!!
    Please, tell me where and how can I download or at least read 3-60 chapters of yawara!! ?

  4. the previous chapter of yawara was scanned by Tama-chan Scans...but they didn't have a website, they only have IRC channel #tamascans, and just for the info, they have stopped scanning anything (and being inactive) since January 2010