Friday, September 9, 2011

Vampire 22 / Volume 3 END

The end of the Vampire saga... for now.

Vampire v03 c22
Vampire volume 3 batch


  1. Oh, we'd like to. Ishinimori's on the list. any in particular you'd like to see? If you know where any raws for Saru to Ichi are, that one would be on the list.

  2. I read that there is a part 2 of the series.

  3. Yeah, that's the fourth volume in the series which is essentially a continuation/sequel that Tezuka did years after the series ended. We'll be doing that sometime in the future (possibly as a complete volume release), although don't get your hopes up as he never got a chance to complete it before his death.

  4. There is one more volume. Tezuka went back later to do more, but died before he put out more than the volume. We may go back to do it eventually.

  5. And that's Net beating me to the punch. That's me a day late and dollar short.

  6. Yes, I have high quality scans of Sabu to Ichi, but only with the early stories from Shonen Sunday. Just a few of the Big Comic version.

    I'm not sure if Sabu to Ichi is the best to begin with, because it's a very long series with standalone stories. I think maybe Gilgamesh or Ryu no Michi will be a better choose.

    Personally, I'd love to see and Kikaider Inazuman, which were discontinued in getyourcomics.

  7. Well, if possible, we'd very much like the Sabu to Ichi raws? Kamen Rider's another possibility. If you have any Ishinomori raws, we'd love to see them.

  8. I have complete scans of the following series:

    Henshin Ninja Arashi (2 volumes)
    Jinzou Ningen Kikaider (6 volumes)
    Shin Henshin Ninja Arashi (one-shot)
    Robot Keiji (2 volumes)
    Gilgamesh (4 volumes)
    Genma Taisen (2 volumes)
    Shin Genma Taisen (2 volumes)
    Ryujinnuma (one-shot)
    And Then There Were None (one-shot)
    Mutant Sabu (4 volumes)
    Blue Zone (2 volumes)
    Time Patrol R (one-shot)
    009-1 (2 volumes)
    Inazuman (4 volumes)
    Kamen Rider (4 volumes)
    Shonen Domei (3 volumes)
    Fantasy World Jun (2 volumes)
    The Big Invasion (one-shot)
    Ryu no Michi (8 volumes)

    I will upload my Sabu to Ichi scans for you to see.

  9. Here's the first volume of Sabu & Ichi:

  10. Sabu to Ichi Volume 2 -

    And this concludes the Shonen Sunday era, but I have a few volumes from the Big Comic era too.

  11. Actually, we just found Sabu to Ichi 1-13. Thanks a ton for the links, though

    I think we'd definitely be interested in pretty much any Ishinomori. Inazuman, Arashi and Kikaider especially

  12. Well, if you want, I can upload scans of all of this. I really recommend Ryu no Michi, it is not well known, but Ishinomori considered it one of his best works. It's a masterpiece of science fiction manga.

  13. I'd love it if you could upload all of those scans. It'd probably easier if you could just email the links to us rather than post them here though. Our emails are in the recruitment section.

    Also, someone else is going to work on Ryuu no Michi in the future, so look forward to that.

  14. I would very much appreciate those scans myself. I'll do what I can to see if anyone can translate them.

    I don't think Ryuu no Michi is slated for translation yet, though. That's one I'd like to try for.