Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vampire 13

A long chapter of Vampire out.  There's a mention of a mangaka named Kyuuta Ishikawa in this chapter. He doesn't seem to be well-known, but twopioneers found a picture that seems to be related to what Tezuka was referencing.

Guess I'll do a project update while I'm at it.

NASA -  86/220 pages done.

Vinland Saga - 122/224 pages of volume 10 done.  We've caught up with the chapters that Hox has already done, and I believe he's going to translate the others once NASA is finished.  This month's chapter raw should show up sometime next week if we're lucky.

Happy! - Stealth Momo is busy so don't expect a chapter this week.

Juushin Liger - First 30 pages are translated but I've been too lazy and busy (yes, both) to typeset it

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