Monday, May 23, 2011

Vampire 7-8 / Volume 1 END

Finally done with Vampire volume 1.  Rock continues to be a magnificent bastard and now even Chippei is getting caught up in this mess.

No more Happy this week because our translator was busy.  We should have more at the weekend as usual.

The first volume of our secret project is fully translated, once I get off my ass and typeset the last ~90 pages it should be out. Should only take a few days if nothing else arise.

I believe that's all except for we could always use more translators, and if we do get more we might even start recruiting editors.

Oh, and enjoy.
Vampire chapter 7
Vampire chapter 8
Vampire volume 1 batch


  1. Great work. I still don,t get it why that manga is called Vampire instead of Werewolf sucker and bad boy Rock. Nevermind my thoughts and keep up the good work. Thanks.

  2. Many thanks for the tezuka goodness :)