Saturday, May 28, 2011

Juushin Liger Volume 1

This is the new project we've been working on for a while, Juushin Liger by Go Nagai.  If you've never read a Nagai manga before, this one probably wouldn't be a good place to start, not that you shouldn't give it a try anyways.  If you have though, you probably know what to expect.  Mechs, aliens, tits, action, and something sorta not really resembling a plot.  Anyways, it's good fun, and I'm eager to see the next volume (it's only 2 volumes long).

Update on our other stuff:

Vampires - Should be starting volume 2 fairly soon.

NASA - 44 pages done (the first two chapters).  I'm going by page number because the chapters range anywhere from 8 to 30 pages.  The tankoubon is 218 pages plus we're skipping Beta!! because Mangascreener already did that.

Vinland Saga - First two chapters (~60 pages) of volume 10 done.  Next magazine chapter won't be out for about 3-4 weeks.

Happy - We should have a present for all you Happy fans in about a week if everything goes right (read: I get off my lazy ass and start working on it), so stay tuned for that.


  1. This is fucking awesome... thank you!!!

  2. Thanks!!

    Will you do all Urusawa's works? I'm very happy :D

  3. We plan to complete Happy and NASa...we just need the translators for Master Keaton and Pineapple Army