Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy! 117 & Vampire 1-2

New project ahoy~

Following on the footsteps of Angel's Hill, we have another Osamu Tezuka series by the name of Vampire.  This one is a lot of fun so far, and probably has a more general appeal than Angel's Hill.  Either way, please give it a read.  Oh, and this is also being translated by twopioneers, we just decided to release it solely under the HappyScans banner.

And of course, we have our weekly dose of Happy which continues Umino's bout against Sabrina Nikolic. Next chapter ends the volume and marks our first complete volume of the series, I'm quite excited for it.

Happy 117
Vampire 1
Vampire 2


  1. Thanks for Happy and more Tezuka works.

  2. thanks a lot, vampire is nice read, gonna wait for more

  3. It looks like Vampire has been deleted from MediaFire.

  4. It's still there, go to the Downloads section on the right. I take all the single chapters down because it's pointless to have them up once the completed volumes are uploaded.